A Little Caribbean

A Little Caribbean

Have you been nagged by your partner for a vacation? No matter how much you want to give in to their request, your 9-5 job just won’t let you. All you can do is daydream of sunbathing and looking at the vast ocean while drinking your piña colada. Sigh... don’t fuss, we’ll give you the ‘feels’ of the Caribbean through striking flowers.

Here’s A Little Caribbean for you. All made up to put some tropical touch to the dull ambience of your workplace or home. There is a multitude of colors encapsulated in every flower variant included here like fiery red, sunny yellow, stunning purple, and invigorating greenery. The blending of lilies, asters, roses, and alstroemerias will definitely stimulate you to enjoy the day sans your much needed vacation.

Send this to your partner and share the ball of energy this bouquet gives you. For as low as $44, the Caribbean won’t be far-fetched at all.