Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue

No need for a map. No need for a compass. If you need directions to your own rom-com affair, you can begin the adventure with Fifth Avenue. This impressive box arrangement of red roses and gerberas with lush green foliage may be your ticket to fame in terms of getting approval from the girl you want to know better.
Here let us help you with the first few steps:

1. If you already know her, don’t be too forward with your feelings. Take it slow and try to make her laugh with your antics. She’ll feel more comfortable with you.

2. Help her with something. No matter how small or big a task, let her know you can be relied on.

3. Ordinary day? Not for you and her. This day is the day you will let her know you like her – do it with Fifth Avenue. Contact us; we’d love to be part of this.

Nothing is ever hard with anything, all you need is a genuine intention and fresh, stunning flowers delivered fast and on-time. Order this one-sided floral bouquet in a polka-dot gift box now for same day delivery.