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Flower Care Guide – Lily’s Florist Arizona

It’s easy to send flowers especially when you do it with Lily’s Florist Arizona and it’s easier to receive a bouquet of stunning flowers from a charming sender as well. But after all the appreciation and outpouring gratitude, do you think you are ready to care for flowers? Not just the ordinary water sprinkling practice but the real deal when it comes to caring for flowers. Remember, flowers typically last for a week but it still depends on how much care you put into it.

Not ready yet? Don’t worry, we got your back.

Below are flower care tips for your long-lasting blooms.

Care for Bouquets. Posies and Bunches

  • After much appreciation of the bouquet and the thought that came with it, it’s time to put it in a vase. First, remove the packaging; it is best to do this in a sink to avoid water drippings that may come off from the flowers. Do not remove the band that holds the bouquet unless it is already arranged in a vase.
  • Using a sharp knife, cut the base of the stems in an angular fashion at around 1/2 to 1 inch in length. It will help the flowers get enough water absorption. Take out the leaves from the stems which will be immersed in water.
  • In choosing a vase, it should be tall or big enough for half of the stems to be submerged in water. You can always trim the stems to fit the vase that you will use. Sanitize the vase and make sure there is no trace of bacterial presence from the previously placed flowers.
  • Fill the vase with ¾ full of fresh; clean tap water that is neither cold nor hot.
  • Add flower food, if any. Make sure to follow the instructions indicated. Aside from nourishing the flowers with nutrients, flower food also helps in the neutralization of water and eradication of bacteria in the water.
  • Carefully put the flowers inside the vase, now you can take off the band from the flowers as its arrangement in the vase is already intact.
  • Your flower arrangement in a vase is ready for display! Keep it away from direct heat, sunlight, and fruits which are close to ripening.
  • To retain freshness, replace water regularly to keep it clean and remove wilted foliage to prevent contamination. Trim the stems too every other day for improved absorption.
  • Great! Now you are a certified flower care giver! Sit back, relax, and begin with your flower appreciation sessions.

Care for set arrangements

  • Since the flowers in a vase were already pre-arranged, all you need to do is keep it rejuvenated.
  • Place it somewhere cool, far from heat-emitting appliances, and high enough from little kids and pets as the pollens may cause allergies.
  • Do the 3 important basic and regular flower care tips: replace water, trim the stems, and remove spoilt leaves and petals

Care for Plants

  • Lily’s Florist Arizona also offers plants you can buy to decorate your home or send as gifts. Give the same care to plants the same way you do to flowers with these simple guidelines.
  • Like flowers, caring for plants means that you should also place it under cool temperature and not under extreme heat from the sun or other home appliances
  • Re-watering plants should be done carefully. Ensure that the plant soil is almost dried out before hydrating again to avoid wilting due to overwaterin
  • Water from an angle above the plants and let excess water drain. You may water the plants less during summer when the temperature is more conducive for plants to grow
  • Always remember to remove wilted leaves and other foliage regularly.
  • Feed the plants as necessary.

Flower Care Best Practices

Other than the abovementioned tried and tested strategies to keep flowers last longer, here are other supplementary ideas to prolong the life of your flowers.

Use Vodka – Surprise! Your favorite drink ages ago, now has a different purpose in your life. Vodka has been known to counter the effects of ethylene gases that flowers may absorb due to nearby gas-emitting items like ripening fruits. So, a drop or two of vodka to the vase water would mean more days to enjoy your flowers.

Use Soda – To keep you off the sugar content, why don’t you reserve your soda for your flowers instead of you? Sugar keeps the petals and twigs maintain its top form. Pour ¼ to ½ cup of soda inside the vase and be mesmerized on how another favorite drink keeps your flowers happy.

Utilize the cold temperature – Most flowers love the cold and to give what they want, you can keep your flowers inside a fridge overnight at around 6-8 hours to refresh it. Gasp at the thought of retaining the longevity of blushing blossoms for almost two weeks. Wow!

Lily’s Florist Arizona’s ‘Good to Know’ about Flowers

  • In caring for flowers, tap water is fine but if you have available distilled or filtered water, that’s better.
  • Flowers would love a little mist of water every day. Use a water sprayer to do this and maybe you can have some quality time with your child and ask him or her to spray on the flowers here and there.
  • Some flowers like hydrangeas are water-lovers! Instead of a daily mist, you can submerge the blooms in cool water for some floral refreshments.
  • If rose heads start to droop, what you can do is wrap the head with paper and plunge an inch of the stem in boiling water for half a minute. Trim it again and immerse in cold water for 2-3 hours
  • Don’t take flower-caring as purely an obligation, first and foremost, the flowers are there to make you smile, comfort, you and make you feel adored and love! So enjoy it.

 Now that you know the basics and the secrets in flower care, you are more than ready to be the new owner of awesome blooms by Lily’s Florist Arizona that are longer in life, fragrance, colour, and freshnes.

If you require any more advice on how to care for your flowers please contact us by email or phone.