An old cliché says happiness is a choice. But it is undeniable that no matter how strong is your will to be positive, there are always those days when you feel so low as if nothing is going your way. A fall out of best friends, heartbreaks, a terrible day at work, the annoying traffic jam on your way home –these are day to day factors of bad vibes that more often than not ruin our mood. And then we get sick, sometimes because we can't just cope with stress any longer, other times it is simply because of the weather. Cure any kind of sickness with a cheerful presentation of bright, colorful flowers from Lily's Arizona Florist. Whether you are the one needing a dose of our mood boosting flowers or a special someone who is suck in bed at home, or worse in the hospital, Lily's Arizona Florist is just one phone call away for the delivery or your treat. Thanks to our same day service, orders made before 2 p.m. on weekdays (and 10 a.m. on weekends) are now delivered on the same day!

When your loved one hit the rock bottom of emotions, even if it is caused by common colds, a serious illness or just a really tough day in the office, you should at least show that you care. If you are too busy to be with them through these trying times, why not send something that will lift their spirits sky high? Consider our Don't Worry Be Happy bouquet. It’s all in the name, making it is Lily's Arizona Florist's staple 'get well' flower arrangement. From the beaming yellow and white blooms down to the cheerful smiley keepsake vase, which is also in yellow, this bouquet exudes all the good vibes and positivity in nature. Order Don't Worry Be Happy for a same day delivery, and we’ll send it to your recipient who needs a happy token today.

Sickness makes things worse as it keeps us from doing our daily routine and from our loved ones' as well. Get well messages, gifts, and flowers from relatives and friends are sweet reminders that we are not alone. When your recipient gets a delivery of our Get Well Bouquet, she'll instantly feel as healthy as ever. Get Well Bouquet is a gorgeous and vibrant mix of yellow sunflowers, orange spray roses, red alstroemeria, pink sweet Williams, lavender matsumoto asters, purple statice, white daisies, green button mums, sword fern, bupleurum, and assorted ivy and pittosporum. This dose of happy vibes comes in a cute Bee Pot ready to buzz off any illness.

Laughter is the best medicine. This is proven by our Laugh Out Loud bouquet, which has brought smiles and giggles to our Arizona patrons. It is a stunning, exotic-themed ensemble of yellow Asiatic lilies, orange roses, red matsumoto asters, and purple alstroemeria, with charming accents of green pittosporum. Laugh Out Loud offers an escape to a tropic wonderland on any day. An excellent treat to send with your 'get well' message to your loved one!

Lily's Arizona Florist has practically all types of flower arrangements for every occasion and intent you have in mind. In this case, check out our fabulous get well flowers that are guaranteed to make any sickness and bad vibes go away, leaving your recipients happy and loved. Watch out for our deals for the day and score flower arrangements below $50. You may also ask our friendly staff to help you pick the right flowers if they are to be sent to hospitals, and to make sure that they won't cause allergies to your sick recipients.