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It is the love month once again and as expected, demands for romantic gifts are shooting sky-high together with the prices. We all want to go with the mindset that love is never cheap. But, hey! It's not about the price tag, really. In fact, it is still very romantic to give a woman a romantic bouquet that doesn't cost more than a hundred bucks! Whether it is a simple bunch of garden picked flowers or a grand arrangement of rare and expensive blooms, it is guaranteed to send her heart into a somersault. 

Romance and flowers go hand in hand in relationships. What could be more exciting than finding your soul mate after a long time of searching here and there, and being able to shower her with love and affection? And what is a sweeter display of devotion than an unexpected delivery of a bouquet of a dozen red roses? It is probably more thrilling to get those over a candle-lit dinner with a romantic music in the background.

What else can she say when you offered her Divine Love? It is either a 'Yes,' or she will end up speechless because she is swooning over this romantic bouquet of roses. Divine Love is the ultimate gift if you want to be Mr. Romantic in her eyes. It is an alluring array of passionate red and immaculate white roses with Queen Anne's lace, hand delivered in an equally elegant Ming Vase. Show up with Divine Love on her doorstep as you pick her up for dinner this Valentine's Day. Or surprise her with a delivery of this gorgeous to her office where her colleagues couldn't help but envy her.

A budding romance reminds us so much of a young love. Roses, love notes, a walk in the park –sounds old school but it works all the same. During this stage in romance, you need a gift that is impressive enough but not too fast and aggressive, just like Madly In Love. Madly In Love is Arizona's favorite flower for courtship. The stunning display of full bloom roses in varying shades of pink is just right to make her appreciate your sincere intentions. Madly In Love comes in a magnificent ruby cube vase.

Go all out in your crusade as the romantic guy with a bouquet of 30 Long Stemmed Red Roses from Lily's Arizona Florist. Because special occasions like Valentine's Day and anniversaries only happen once in a year, being lavish with gifts for your better half is not just fine, it is totally romantic! This huge bouquet of large, long- stemmed red roses surrounded by eucalyptus foliage looks elegant in its simplicity. Add a box of our deluxe chocolates or a cuddly teddy bear to your order to make it more exciting. 

Celebrate love with a gorgeous arrangement of romantic blooms from Lilly’s Arizona Florist. A bouquet of red roses is a romantic anniversary flower. While a creative mix of her favorite flowers is an excellent treat for dates. But roses are not the only flowers that speak the language of love. There is actually a vast selection of flora that will help you say “I love you,” “I miss you,” “You are special,” “My heart belongs to you,” and a lot more! For fine quality, hand-picked flowers and enticing arrangements, visit Lily’s Arizona Florist and you’ll be overwhelmed with varying bouquets and arrangements meant to melt your girl’s heart. 

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