Incorporate the invigorating mood of nature and the outdoors into the interior of your office or home. We know how everyone's day to day affairs could get tough and tiring, so Lily's Arizona Florist came up with exhilarating arrangements of greens and flowering plants that are perfect mood boosters indoors.

"Why are plants an excellent idea for your interior?" you may ask. We'll give you three reasons to add a pot or two in your office desk or home. First, plants have scientifically proven benefits. They are small living things that give off fresh air. Next, they are relatively cheap and could live longer with very little need of tending from you. Lastly, they are simply adorable to look at. Plants instantly add a pop of color to any room.

Did we mention that plants are also great gifts to any of your recipients for any occasion? Besides, green plants are gender neutral presents that you can give to a male recipient. Lily's Arizona Florist offers a variety of plants that you might find it too overwhelming to choose from (because they all look so fine!)

Take a glance at Lily's Divine Orchids and all the good vibes will immediately come your way. Orchids are naturally beautiful and graceful like the gentle wind, just like this pair of miniature phalaenopsis plants in pretty lavender. Lily's Divine Orchids are made even more presentable and gift-worthy as they are delicately planted on a moss-filled planter that is equally chic. It is a fitting gift for the sophisticated woman you admire so much. Mom would be overjoyed to receive this on her birthday that she might end up collecting orchids till her garden is full. Even your girlfriend would forget that she was mad at you once she sees these gorgeous blooms.

Is there someone you need to impress at work –your boss or a client? You've racked your brain thinking of gifts, and then you realize that he or she probably has everything already. But then, an elegant plant like or Zen Basket will certainly find its place on their desks. It is a Zen-inspired ensemble of green plants with accents of smooth river rocks and natural river canes. For as low as $58, your hard-to-please recipient will think yours are the best gifts to look forward to in the future.

Lily's Opulent Orchids is both simple and elegant in one pot! Let your eyes feast on lovely white orchids gracefully entwined onto a duo of slender bamboos. Lily's Opulent Orchids comes in a natural planter box that makes these immaculate blooms stand out. Orchids, like roses and other popular flowers, have also been a household favorite since ancient history. Whether placed in an arrangement of various flowers or planted solo, its exotic beauty will always make a statement.

So much for orchids, let us share with you a tip or two in taking care of these flowers so they'll keep blooming. 1. Orchids need less water to survive indoors. Wait for three days before you water it. 2. Place your potted orchids in a gently humid area in the room. It should not be exposed to extreme temperatures, whether too hot or too cold.

Give the best gifts that will make your recipients feel extra special. Send them unique arrangements of elegant plants and flowers from Lily's Arizona Florist and you'll thank us later. Whatever the occasion is, we'll certainly find the most appropriate and impressive gift for you. Give us a call or visit our secured website for orders and we’ll take care of the rest. We even deliver on the same day! Just make sure to order before 2pm for same day orders.