Privacy Policy - by Lily's Florist Arizona

Lily’s Florist Arizona commits to providing excellent and reliable service to our clients –from creating deluxe flower arrangements and gifts ideas down to making express deliveries of your orders to your recipients. We appreciate how you trust us with your flower needs and in return, we want our transactions as fast and convenient as we can possibly afford.

Our earnest rapport with our customers doesn’t simply end when orders are made and delivered. Lily’s Florist Arizona is also dedicated in protecting your privacy and information in every step of our transaction process. We make sure that all our deals and operations are carried out professionally, and any personal information we receive is treated confidentially to secure the privacy of our clients. Hence, we make it a good point to follow these sets of important policies to guarantee security of your privacy.
What we do:

1. We collect and store your contact details and order information for the sole purpose of processing your order.
2. All of our staff at Lily’s Florist Arizona is committed in taking all available and reasonable steps to always secure your information.
3. We require customers under 18 years of age to have adult supervision when ordering or purchasing flowers. They should be accompanied and/or supervised by a person who is over the age of 18.
4. We only update your contact information at your request, or depending on our good judgment to do so.
5. We do not keep your credit card information or any similar information.
6. We never leak your personal information to any third party. Lily’s Florist Arizona do not release, sell, or rent these data at any cost.
Lily’s Florist Arizona Website 

We want you to experience VIP treatment when shopping flowers for your loved ones. With the help of the internet, we are able to offer our products through our online store. Aside from fast and convenient shopping, we guarantee the security and protection of data provided by our customers when making transactions with us through our website.

Our website uses cookies to address possible concerns of privacy abuse and fraud. Every opportunity identified by this measure will be used in developing our business to provide better service to our clients. We never share any data or personal information gathered by our cookies.
SSL Certificate

Lily’s Florist Arizona website has SSL certificates with the sole intent of protecting you and all your sensitive information when visiting our website. Records of your personal information and credit card transactions are kept highly confidential and are used for your order transactions only. SSL certificates are clearly visible on your browser’s toolbar.
Marketing texts and e-mails

We don’t want you to miss any special occasion when you may find an opportunity to treat your loved ones with our special offers. Thus, we may send marketing e-mails or SMS to remind you of these events. We consider your agreement to this term once you have transactions with Lily’s Florist Arizona. However, you have the ability to refrain from receiving these e-mails and/or text blasts by unsubscribing to any of these types of communication.
Lily’s Florist Arizona strives for excellence and reliability wherein we can provide 100% up-time to our clients. Even at times of downtime caused by our ISP, phone or email provider or errors in our code, we commit to work hard to restore our services in the shortest possible time to cater your needs immediately