She means the whole world to you and you want her to know it. You were thinking of a beautiful bouquet of roses, or an elegant array of her favorite flowers, but thought about it twice as they seem to be pricey. You might have not checked yet our collection of flower arrangements that are quite impressive and economical at the same time. Lily’s Florist Arizona wants you to be able to make an impression to your loved ones at any day of the year without breaking the bank. In our humble florist you will find awesome deals of flowers under $50 dollars that are fitting for queens and princesses. They don’t look as cheap as they cost, thanks to our skillful florists who create the most elegant arrangements of handpicked, top quality flowers in Arizona.

Lily’s Florist Arizona is famed for our exquisite flower designs suitable for any occasion. Birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, funerals –name it and our flower experts will create the best arrangement for whatever intent you have in mind. We’ll help you say “I love you,” “I’m sorry,” “Thank you,” “Get well,” and more to your special someone in the most fabulous way. We also welcome suggestions that could be incorporated to our designs. Talk to our flower experts and let us know what’s on your mind.

Shun the same old dozen red roses and get Fall In Love bouquet from Lily’s Florist Arizona this coming Valentine’s day. Red roses were given a twist in this piece as they are imaginatively arranged with purple cushion mums, pink Asiatic lilies, pink matsumoto asters, lavender waxflowers, burgundy copper beech leaves, and assorted pittsporum for an exotic yet romantic vibe. These blooms look naturally gorgeous on their own, but the contemporary plum vase that comes with it makes it the perfect display of passion and devotion. It is all in the name! Fall In Love will remind her of a love that is meant to last a lifetime.

Add not just a pop of color, but a blast of vibrant hues from Mixed Color Bouquet. It features beautiful contrast of Arizona Florist’s favorite variants –lavender chrysanthemums, miniature red carnations, yellow daisies, orange carnations, and red alstroemeria made prettier with oregonia and bumpleurum with a cheery yellow ribbon decorated vase. An awesome treat for birthdays, baby showers, victory parties, reunions, or on any day just because!

Make someone’s day by sending our Make Their Day Bouquet to your favorite girl in the world. This pink and yellow ensemble could be just the right present that will lift her spirit up the sky on random days. Luscious hot pink spray roses, pink miniature carnations, yellow daisy spray chrysanthemums, purple tulips, green cushion spray chrysanthemums, and huckleberry exudes a lot of good vibes and positive charm as it comes in a delightful ceramic vase that is hand decorated with cute graphic prints. Why wait for her birthday or your anniversary when you can make an excuse to spoil her with this gorgeous present today. It won’t even hurt your pocket since you can get this arrangement for as low as $49.

If you think these flowers are just the right gift finds, but not enough to make her the spoiled recipient that she deserves to be, our add-on items may be of help. Lily’s Florist Arizona wants to go the extra mile for you. We also offer exclusive gift items that you can add to your order to make it extra sweet and special. Add-on items like chocolates, stuffed teddy bear, and graphic printed balloons are available for as low as $15 and can be delivered together with your ordered flowers. Call us today for orders and pay using your Visa and MasterCard credit cards or via PayPal.