Every day is Valentine's Day for two people who has eyes for each other only. Love songs are sweeter and all relationship problems are just as tiny as the tip of your pinky finger. The 14th is another story as it highlights all romantic dates –love is celebrated in style around the world, and people send gifts and Valentine's Day flowers to their loved ones.

The origin of Valentine's Day has a lot of murky versions. One of the most famous stories says it’s a tribute to St. Valentine, a priest in the third century who was killed for defying the Roman emperor Claudius II. The emperor was a pagan who believed Roman soldiers should be devoted to Rome only, and that having a family of their own is a hindrance to their duty. He banned marriages for soldiers. But St. Valentine found this cruel, thus he continued performing marriage ceremonies for soldiers and their lovers in secret until he was discovered, jailed, and punished by death. Such a tragic tale, it is. Nevertheless, both the legend and present day stories of Valentine's Day have one thing in common –love. Now all the flowers, cards, candies, and gifts would make sense when you give them to your loved ones on St. Valentine's Day.

Though Valentine's Day flowers are no-brainer gifts for women, it’s a dilemma when you don't know anything about flowers. Roses are probably the most popular flower in the world. But you don't want to give her roses all the time, right? Valentine's Day flowers Arizona care of Lily's Florist is the perfect place to run to at this time of the year, or any time you need to send Valentine's Day flowers even if it is not February 14th yet. Lily's Arizona Florist has a vast selection of Valentine's Day flowers that are guaranteed to make your recipient fall head over heels with you.

Remind her the first time she fell for you with the ultimate bouquet amongst our long list of Valentine's Day flowers Arizona –Fall In Love. Besides the name, this eclectic combo of red roses, pink matsumoto asters, pink Asiatic lilies, purple cushion mums, and lavender waxflowers is like a spell that will make her fall in love over and over. The assorted pittsporum and burgundy copper beech leaves in this bouquet adds a touch of unique elegance to it. Buy this gorgeous piece for as low as $50. Lily's Valentine's Day delivery florist Arizona will also get this bouquet to your recipient free of charge and on the same day, saving you some money, gas, and time.

What could go wrong with a dozen of red roses? Nothing. Just like our Still My Heart's 12 Red Roses –simple and old school but beautifully romantic all the same. Picture an array of one dozen full bloomed red roses with divine white calla lilies in between, arranged in a sparkling glass vase.

Still My Heart's 12 Red Roses will look perfect beside a bottle of Champaign and a box of her favorite chocolates on a romantic dinner table for two. Now you've got the picture-perfect date idea for Valentine's Day. You are welcome for the tip. Read on below to find out more amazing ideas on how to make your girl swoon with our Valentine's Day flowers.

There is always that girl who loves white roses. It makes her feel delicate and elegant as the immaculate blossoms, and she could feel the sincerity of your intent. Order Once A Lady and your Valentine's Day delivery florist Arizona will send it straight to her address. Do you want to up your game? Have it delivered to her office first thing in the morning. She'll be overwhelmed to find her favorite flowers waiting for her on her desk, while her colleagues can't help but envy her for having such romantic guy like you!

Once A Lady is a classic bouquet of dreamy white roses designed with soft pink Asiatic Lilies and accents of variegated pittosporum. It is hand delivered in an elegant glass rose vase, on the same day if ordered before 2 p.m.

So you fell in love with an adventurous and free-spirited girl. It’s the love month and you are still not past the friend-zone. Change the game and take your chances with Roses In Vogue. This stylish bouquet is screaming FASHION in every angle –vibrant roses in yellow, orange, and pink are mixed with green hydrangeas, green salal, and assorted aspidistra leaves. It’s an exquisite fashion statement that will woo even the hardest-to-please girl. Confess to her with our Roses In Vogue and the friend-zone might just level up for real. That's better than a 'what if' later on if you don't.

Don't miss the opportunity this Valentine's day and let her know your heart's intent. You could be having a candle lit dinner at a fancy restaurant, or at home since you're the one with the skills in the kitchen, or just taking a stroll under the starry night –your call. Make sure you’ve placed your order a Lily’s Arizona Florist before 2 p.m. so that we can deliver the flowers to your recipient’s address on the same day. To order, call our friendly florists or shop on our secured website.